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Achenbach, Andreas The Shore, Scheveningen

Angelico, Fra - Angels (copy)

Anonymous, - Girl in the Wood

Anonymous, - Mill on a Stream

Anonymous, - Portrait of Albert Fairbanks

Anonymous, - Portrait of Daniel Webster

Anonymous, - Roman Forum

Anonymous, - St. Francis Manuscript Page

Bazzani, L. - Pompeian Interior

Beard, William H. - Why, Puppy Looks Like Grandpa!

Bierstadt, Albert - Domes of Yosemite

Bierstadt, Albert - Last of the Buffalo (engraving)

Bierstadt, Albert - Quiet Cove

Bohm, Pal - Gypsies

Bonheur, Marie Rosa - Le Labourage Nivernais (copy)

Bosch, Ernest - Peasant Scene

Boser, Freidrich - The Young Peddler

Bouguereau, Adolphe William - Going to Bath

Bouguereau, Adolphe William - Raspberry Girl

Brown, George Loring - Bay of Naples

Brown, George Loring - On the Grand Canal, Venice

Brown, John G. - Hiding in the Old Oak

Brown, W.M. - Raspberries

Chaplin, Charles J. - Portrait of Erastus Fairbanks

Colman, Samuel - The Emigrant Train, Colorado

Coomans, Pierre Olivier Joseph - Aspasia

Coomans, Pierre Olivier Joseph - For Charity

Coomans, Pierre Olivier Joseph - Girl and Doll

Creifelds, Richard - Portrait of Jonathan Arnold

Cropsey, Jasper F. - Autumn on the Ramapo River

Cropsey, Jasper F. - Autumn Woods

DeGrandchamp, Pinel - Donkey Driver of Cairo

DeHaas, Mauritz Frederick H. - After a Storm

DeHaas, Mauritz Frederick H. - Sunset off the Needles

Del Sarto, Andrea - Holy Family (copy)

Dolci, Carlo - Madonna (copy)

Dolci, Carlo - Madonna and Child (copy)

Dolci, Carlo - St. Agnes (copy)

Durand, Asher Brown - Landscape with Rocks

Fairbanks, Edward T. - Egyptian Scene

Gifford, Sanford - The Views from South Mountain, in the Catskills

Guido-Reni - Aurora (copy)

Guy, Seymour Joseph - Red Riding Hood

Guy, Seymour Joseph - Up for Repairs

Hall, George Henry - Graziella

Hart, James McDougal - Lake Glenida

Hart, James McDougal - Landscape with Cattle

Hart, James McDougal - Marine and Cattle

Hart, James McDougal - Under the Elms

Hart, William - Summer - The Passing Shower

Hart, William M. - An Autumn Day

Hart, William M. - Autumn Morning

Hartmann, Ludwig - The Horse Market

Haseltine, Wm. S. - Traunstein, the Mill Dam

Hubner, Julius - Wayside Devotion

Irving, J. Beaufain - The Halberdier - XVIth Century

Kaulbach, Friedrich August - Head

Kuwasseg, Carl Joseph - View of Yeres, France

Lambdin, George - Girl Reading

Lerolle, Henry - Peasant Scene

Loop, Henry A. - Idle Fancies

Luminais, Evariste - Vital Horses

Max, Gabriel St. - Ursula

McEntee, Jervis - The Doges Palace

McEntee, Jervis - Woods of Asshockan, Catskills

Moran, Thomas - An Autumn Afternoon

Moreau, Adrien - Spanish Wedding

Murillo, Bartolome E. - Children of the Shell (copy)

Murillo, Bartolome E. - Immaculate Conception (copy)

Piot, Etienne Adolphe - Italian Girl with Cherries

Preyer, Emilie - Fruit and Wine

Robie, Jean Baptiste - Roses

Sanzio, Raphael - Madonna del Granduca (copy)

Sanzio, Raphael - Madonna della Sedia (copy)

Sanzio, Raphael - Sistine Madonna (copy)

Savini, Alfonso - untitled

Skinner, Manning - untitled

Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam - Coming Home

Tait, Arthur Fitzwilliam - Deer

Thompson, Woodsworth - Waiting for the Steamboat

Van De Weyden, Harry - Child's Head

Van Dyck, Anthony - Children of Charles I (copy)

Van Rijn, Rembrandt - Portrait of Himself (copy)

Verboeckhoven, Eugene Joseph - Sheep

Veronese, Paolo - Little St. John (copy)

Voltz, F.J. - The Shower

Whittredge, Worthington - Fishing

Whittredge, Worthington - On the Plains, Colorado

Wilmarth, Lemuel Everett - On Guard

Wilson, Matthew - Horace Fairbanks

Wilson, Matthew - Portrait of William W. Thayer

Wood, Thomas Waterman - On Guard

Wood, Thomas Waterman - The Argument

Yewell, George H - Figure

Ziem, Felix - Venice


Anonymous - Achilles

Anonymous - Diana

Anonymous - Hermes

Anonymous - Psyche

Anonymous - Venus

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